Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Radically Rooted’s vinyasa yoga classes features fluid body and breath movement, to create heat within the interior of the body, awaken muscles, and leave students feeling calm, connected, and awake. These classes often include weight-bearing movement, so students should use modification or take precaution if they are experiencing injuries in the body.


Benefits include: cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening, increased body awareness, enlivened body and mind


Basics Yoga

Radically Rooted’s Basics yoga classes include clear and detailed instructions necessary for learning the fundamentals of yoga techniques through proper physical alignment. Expect to use modifications, preparatory variations, and supportive props to develop safe and fun practice habits. These classes involve some mild weight-bearing and strength-building exercises, but little or no flow. These classes are great for yoga newcomers, or for any yogi that wants to practice skillful alignment.

Benefits include: increased body awareness, strengthening, flexibility

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