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You may have known this class to be called Embodiment before. Embodiment is a process that activates when one's nervous central and peripheral nervous systems come in a coherent state with one another. This is a higher way of being than the normal fight-flight-freeze energy. This is a class targeted to promote improved health in your cellular body, by manually shifting the resonance of your cells via your fascia! T


Fascia is everywhere in the body. It's what holds the body together and creates separation between parts and systems, yet its too what connects everything! In addition, the fascia connects into the nucleus of every single cell, and your DNA resides there too! So imagine, what power we all have in learning how to move and shift the state of our minds and bodies. 

We know that stress causes disease, and we also know that disease can be prevented, through changing one's environment. This class is what offers hope to everyone for obtaining more autonomy over their state of mind and body. 


Alpha Balls

These balls are great for working out tension from the backs of the legs, glutes, low back, and side body. We also use this to release holding and disconnect among the side body, front body, and back body.

YogaTuneup Therapy Balls

These little guys are great for releasing holding and stagnant energy from the feet, hands, face (TMJ), upper back and glutes.

Coregeous Ball

This sweet ball works to create a shift in the superficial layer of your fascia. It is a great way to ease into embodiment if your body is holding an excess and the other balls feel too much. This ball miraculously activates a deep sense of relaxation within the body and mind.

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