We are ascending!

Wow, what extraordinary times in which we are living. Now, there is more potential for humanity to take a quantum leap in evolution than ever before. Why do you ask is so special about now? It has to do with energy, the cosmos, and our planet's position within it all. We are divinely connected to the cosmos, and our planet has an energy body, just like all living things. The planet's energy body is opening so old energies can leave due to where the earth is positioned and how other planets and galaxies are too positioned. New energies of light that have always been out there in the cosmos can now flow onto the earth.

Ascension is a conscious path where humans choose to remain humanoid or evolve into a human being. A humanoid is a human that lives unconsciously based on its programming from the past. In this instance, the past refers to the old codes stored within the DNA, made up of one's soul's past lives, past ancestral lives, and lived experiences based on fear from this present life. Modern-day neuroscience illustrates that negative experiences are like velcro to the DNA and brain, while positive experiences are like teflon. Moreover, the brain is more attuned to the old codes of fear and negativity stored in the DNA than more positive and wholesome experiences within that support the Holy Spirit's embodiment or what yogis refer to as Kundalini energy.

There are many paths to ascension, but meditation is foundational for the process to get activated. Meditation is the process in which training the mind on how to focus and concentrate. That's all it is. When a person meditates, they begin to restructure the neural pathways in their brain and body, while even promoting the process of neurogenesis, which is when your body grows new neural tissue. If you don't train your brain to focus and concentrate while living in a constant stressed-out state, your brain and body experience neurogenesis. This is essentially the dying off of nerve cells, which then creates degeneration in the hippocampus, where long-term memories are processed from the body. In this state, the Holy Spirit is shut down from expressing itself, as the Holy Spirit is what heals, regenerates, and activates future timeline codes of ascension.

I know it sounds pretty woo woo, but that is reality, woo woo. There is so much in the quantum field controlling us humans and keeping us stuck, depressed, anxious, and disempowered, but that is all going away as humans evolve into a new paradigm and become a new type of human. A new sovereign human with genuine free will to be embodied in what their divine heart's want,

Stay tuned for a regular meditation class to support your awakening and ascension.

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