The Joy of Meditation

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Meditation, embodiment, and yoga can change the way you experience the world. By training your attention and awareness, you can experience the world in a more joyful, vibrant state. Our self is made up of multiple selves that take the driver's seat and dictates our actions and how we experience the world. For instance, I have a wounded part of me from childhood that is sad and scared. When the sad and scared child part is up, I see the world through his lens. Meditation geared toward samadhi(intense concentration) helps these parts unify. A unified mind is akin to a flow state. The process of getting these selves to unify is a healing one. Working with and through stuck emotions is part of the process of getting these parts recollected.

When you are starting your meditation practice, you must utilize your intentions skillfully. Skillful ways of attending to your meditation object include watering the seeds of joy and keeping it in your awareness. If you can not find joy, that is okay; intending is like planting seeds. Eventually, they will sprout. You mustn't force the seeds to sprout, but you water them in a gentle, loving way. Try sitting five minutes a day, just attending to any well-being in the body that may present itself. If nothing comes up, maintain a curious attitude. Through the coming weeks, I will be talking more about what a healthy meditation practice looks like. If you have any tips or questions, please post them below!

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