10 Reasons to do Solid Roots Yoga Teacher Training (none of them are to teach asana):

1. Propel your practice.

Solid Roots Yoga training provides you with the unique opportunity to broaden your practice on and off of your mat so that it becomes not only poses, but reading and application as well.  Through learning about anatomy and detailed postural alignment you can have a fuller and safer practice.  Through learning philosophy and tradition you create depth beyond your physical practice.  And by learning ways to incorporate self-care and mindfulness, you learn to take your yoga off of your mat and into your life in a fuller way.

2. Deepen your understanding.

In this program you will be exposed to eastern science and philosophy, western neuroscience and psychology, and many other areas that will enhance your understanding of yourself, your life, and the world around you.

3. Develop new skills.

It’s not often we allow ourselves time and space to grow and develop new skills.  In this program you will be introduced to a wide range of topics and experiences that you will be able to apply to your life as a new set of tools for handling your emotions and relationships.

4. Explore your curiosity.

Embarking on this training gives you a chance to set aside time dedicated to exploring something you feel a pull towards, to rekindle the fire of learning for yourself, and to study for the sheer fact that you want to.  We don’t often give ourselves time to grow and develop in this way, and we easily pass these opportunities by.  However, committing to a training means committing to yourself and your curiosity.

5. Learn self-care & self-regulation.

This program is largely grounded in teaching you how to self-regulate by recognizing your negative holding patterns in the body and mind.  Once this recognition occurs, you can use the self-care practices you will learn to regulate your nervous system in order to create a positive flow state where healing can occur. 

6. Expand your mind-body connection.

Our training helps you learn how to integrate and unify your mind and body.  So often in our lives we give priority to one or the other without finding balance and connection between the two.  Learning breathing practices, self-care, safer asana, and philosophy of the yogic path, you will grow in connection to yourself as a whole.

7. Grow in resiliency & self-compassion.

Embarking on a training can be a challenging experience.  You are holding yourself accountable, experiencing new information, and exploring your own vulnerability.  Yet by moving forward through all of that you grow in your own resiliency.  You become stronger, more adaptable, and in the end more compassionate to yourself.  Growing in self-compassion is at the heart of our program.  Without compassion for ourselves, we can’t expect to hold others in a compassionate way. 

8. Create positive shifts.

We all have patterns that we resort to which feel ingrained in us like knee-jerk reactions.  However, through learning new compassionate ways to approach ourselves and our tendencies, we can slowly create a shift in how these patterns manifest through the development of more positive patterns. 

9. Learn how to live more mindfully.

Through this program the way you live your life will change.  It may be a big change or it may be a series of subtle changes.  It may happen quickly or slowly.  It may be through conscious decision making or a byproduct of what you are learning.  But in the end, your life will change-- for the better!  You will find yourself approaching stress with a new framework.  You will learn to see your holding patterns and have the tools to create change.  You will develop a connection  with your felt sense and become a more active participant in your life experiences.

10. Find your tribe.

Through Solid Roots Yoga Training  you have the unique opportunity to share space with other beautiful souls on a similar journey as you.  These like-minded people become your sangha, your community, who share your passion for learning and growth.  It is truly a  gift to be able to cultivate these friendships and to have the opportunity to practice being heard, being seen, and being understood.  You are worthy of such a thing!

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