Five Tips for Starting a Home Practice

Many of you are wanting to continue your regular yoga practice, which is so wonderful and inspiring to us! But practicing at home may be a new experience. We thought we would share some tips for setting up an energetic supportive space for you to practice in.

What is energy?

Everything is made of energy and your nervous system is constantly processing energy through your body. Did you know that your body reads the energy field around you, and then communicates that information to your brain? Our external ecosystem directly influences the state of our nervous system, and our nervous system then informs the health of the body and which circuits of the brain you process consciousness (awareness) through. WOA, everything is so connected! This is exciting in that we have more power than we currently may realize. By changing the energetics of our external ecosystem from say cluttered to spacious, we can support a more open state in body and mind. Make sense?

Tip 1: Select a Practice Space

Determine where you may want to practice. There may be more than one spot in your home that feels good to you. The beautiful thing is you don't need a lot of space to practice, just an area that fits your yoga mat and a few feet out from the mat for you to expand out into. Some people prefer practicing on a hard floor so if you don't have hardwood or laminate, you may want to consider practicing in the kitchen or bathroom, but make sure the areas are clean and free of germs!

Also, when the weather is nice, take your practice outdoors! On a back patio or in the grass. The sun provides our brains and bodies with amazing nutrients and more importantly, vitamin D is vital for optimal immune functioning! In addition to the benefits of the sun, the soil contains loads of healthy bacteria, so get your feet and hands in the dirt so those guys can help restore your gut health, where 70% of your immune cells live!

Tip 2: Clear and Tidy Up!

Clutter is so intense for the nervous system. Your eyes have to process everything they see, and if there are a lot of objects, even if you aren't consciously looking at them, your brain is processing them through your visual cortex. Too much of this processing can overwhelm the system. So intentionally making your practice space neat and tidy, will allow your system to ground and regulate more during your practice.

Also, be sure to dust the room you practice in, change any air filters that may be overdue, clean any dust or dirt from the floor.

Tip 3: Set the Mood!

The ambiance is important too. If you are feeling low in energy, you may want to turn up the lighting in the room, open the blinds or curtains for fresh new sun, actually always recommend this!

If you are feeling super stimulated with stressful energy, then turning down the lights, maybe just using natural light, can be more supportive to ground you.

Additionally, you may want to diffuse some essential oils to breathe in something nourishing.

Tip 4: Bring in Props!

Props are great for your practice and as you know we rely on props at RR to support our bodies in releasing and awakening in new ways! Over time as we get the online video' ing figured out we will be offering different class styles. You may want to order the following props for those upcoming classes.

- blocks

- blanket 1-2 (you can too use firmer blankets you have at home)

- Yoga TuneUp therapy balls, coregeous, alpha, therapy plus

- 3 or 5 lb hand weights for Radically Fit class or Strong Vinyasa practices

- bolster for restorative practices that will be offered

Tip 5: Clear the Distractions

- place the phone on "do not disturb" and try not to check your phone during practice time

- get space from pets or children if at all possible!

What else have you practiced or can you think of, share below and let us know how your practice is going!

We are grateful for you and to be on this journey with you!

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