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The Embodiment of Gratitude

Living in a 3D state of consciousness makes it challenging to embody anything positive, like gratitude or unconditional love. 3D consciousness is very heavily reliant on a belief in the head, but there lies a disconnect from the head to the body, due to the old energy stored in the body, blocking the neural pathways for connection. With this disconnect, the process of embodiment is bypassed. Therefore, embodiment is when the mind and body are united and in agreement or resonance together. Ultimately, our bodies carry an electromagnetic field of energy that is much more powerful than the mind's energy field. What your body resonates, is what gets communicated into the collective field of consciousness. Even more powerful is when the mind and body are resonant together. This is why embodiment and more focus on the body's internal state is vital for us to ascend into a higher state of consciousness.

Consciousness is energy, so when we talk about ascending into a higher state, we are referencing a higher embodied vibration. For something to be embodied, it must be felt within the body while experienced in the mind. This can take some practice for sure. For example, this morning, I was reflecting on gratitude in meditation. I could quickly note the supportive and nourishing things in my life, but reflecting on this isn't an actual gratitude practice. To access genuine gratitude, I had to welcome a felt sense of gratitude into my body. This practice significantly increased my energetic vibration and left me feeling much more clear-headed, energized, open in body, and empowered and inspired by life.

Below is a map to use in your exploration of gratitude. Do this often so your system can map new ways of being connected.

  1. Bring awareness to the space above your head and call down from the universe beautiful peace flows to support your body in embodying gratitude. Invite this energy to pour down through the whole body. Bring it in and enjoy its nourishment.

  2. Reflect upon something that brings you peace, calm, inspiration, support, or nourishment.

  3. See the thing in your mind and let yourself express the gratitude you hold.

  4. Continue with steps 2 and 3, while bringing awareness into your face and eyes. Think of how your eyes would feel to be embodied in gratitude, and allow them to explore moving toward that state. Maybe the eyes start to smile; maybe the forehead softens. What happens to the mouth when you genuinely feel gratitude? Can you experience a wide-open smile? Be curious about how you can feel gratitude in your face and eyes.

  5. While maintaining awareness and connection in the processes up above, move your awareness into your heart space. Feel into the chest, notice if there is heaviness or if it is already light. As you reflect and feel, notice if your heart can begin to smile. You can bring this awareness into the back of the heart, especially if your object of gratitude has a relationship or relationships. This backspace of the heart carries a lot of relational pain, so bringing in this awareness may help the field of energy to transmute and heal some. You can call back in the peace flows to support you with gratitude if there is still armor held in the heart area, and specifically ask for the energy to support you in releasing the old pain.

  6. Next, bring your awareness down several inches to the base of your breast bone, right above the diaphragm. This is an energy center (chakra) that can emanate unconditional love when in a higher frequency. Invite the gratitude into this area using the process above to see that which you are grateful for while feeling the energy of gratitude in that area.

  7. Finally, let your awareness be in the lower parts of the body, from the belly down through the pelvis, out into the legs and feet. While feeling the openness up above, see if the lower half can feel the same. Maybe you consciously connect the lower part of the body to the upper body's energy and permit it to mirror what may be felt above.

Let us know what you notice or how this goes.

Gratitude to be here with you.


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