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Emphasize the Good!

Human beings have a strong negativity bias that shapes our perceptions and experiences. Fortunately, We have the power to shape the way we experience the world. When we emphasize the BAD in our experience, we incline our minds towards the negative. On the other hand, if we attend to the good, we start shifting our baseline experience from negativity to positivity.

Meditation is a practice that happens when we are on and off the cushion. For the fruit to ripen from our meditation sits, we must start cultivating wholesome ways of being. In our day to day life, we often have moments of joy and pleasure that escape our attention and go unnoticed. An essential practice on the healing path is to start noticing the moments of joy in your life and attend to them. Take in the joy, as you would bathe in the sun. Take in all the goodness, and soak it into your cells. When you notice a moment of altruism, let that moment nourish you.

Another practice that will serve you well is to not disengage with negativity. These are especially stressful times, and it is easy to get consumed by the negativity. It's vital that we set boundaries and not engage in the negativity of others. Social media negativity is especially rampant, with algorithms designed to capture your attention by manipulating your emotions. Facebook algorithms work on capturing your attention by eliciting an emotional reaction from the user. When we give social media the power to manipulate us in this way, we lose our vitality and life energy. We can stay informed of the world more skillfully. Setting time limits on social media and news is an essential empowering step in regaining your freedom and happiness.

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