Radically Rooted is located in Lexington, KY, and streams all of their classes online since May 2020. Times are unprecedented, and Radically Rooted feels deeply called to serve the greater good in humanity by offering embodiment classes that offer students the opportunity to clear old dense energy out of their body's consciousness. 

Radically Rooted carries energies of the New Earth. The New Earth is already here and is resonant of a fifth dimension. Humanity is waking up and evolving out of the 3rd dimension, where lower evil energies have been controlling our unconscious ways of being and feeding our disease and pain. When we move our body's living tissues, we change the resonance of our cells, which ultimately creates change on the level of the DNA. Change and healing are available now more than ever due to the positive, energetic shifts taking place on Gaia or planet Earth. 

Radically Rooted is dedicated to educating humans on their spiritual body, aka energy, and how to awaken it into higher frequencies of love, absolute truth, unity consciousness, and vitality. In doing so, one's soul awakens and can guide them into seeing a much higher version of themselves aligned with their heart's deepest wishes and desires. We are ascending as a planet, and embodiment is coming into resonance with your God-given gifts and intelligence. 


  • Healthy Living & Spiritual Coaching 

  • Free Embodied Healing Events 

  • Yoga teacher mentoring on ways to incorporate more fascial movement in yoga class 

  • Online Courses 

  • Embodiment / Energetic Healing  Support ​​

  • Embodied Yoga (traditional yoga + fascial awakening and flowing movement) 

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Meditation Classes

  • Community Collaboration and Learning

  • Partner Self-Care Classes (to come)

  • Strengthening and Conditioning in our Radically Fit Classes

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