Our Children’s and Family Yoga classes are intended to offer a space for families to come to cultivate connection and regulate together, and teach children the skills they need for improved emotional intelligence. Yoga literally means to join or union. In this class, we will be training in embodiment through mindful movement, self-care practice, and yoga postures awakening and uniting our mind and body, creating a mind-body connection that allows us to attune to our present felt experience. Once these connections are made, we become more resilient in our emotional and physical well being, positively impacting our internal and external ecosystems. This is the power of embodiment, which is the ability to feel your body in space and its inner sensations on a moment-to-moment basis, connecting your directly to feeling a sense of safety in your own body, while cultivating the energy to genuinely connect with others.

This class will support your family in harnessing embodiment as a tool to create a sense of trust and ease in the body, which activates the body’s healing regulatory process. Yes, we have the power to create positive change to our cellular health and to heal our own bodies! You and your family are worthy of time and space to come together to experience the benefits of embodiment, co-regulation, and ease.

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