Jessica Lichaa is the founder of the Solid Roots Yoga, and is soon to be cofounder of Radically Rooted Yoga and embodied lifestyle.  Her journey on the path of radical transformation, started with the practice of yoga in 1999. As she traveled down the yogic path, she started exploring the integration of body practices, with emphasis on cultivating autonomic regulation through the fascia of the body.  Jessica’s practices have helped herself and many students better improve their stress and trauma induced holding patterns within the tissues of the body, so that they could cultivate healthier ways of dealing with the emotional responses of life and improve overall well being.


In September of 2016 Jessica Lichaa developed a unique yoga teacher curriculum focused on neuroscience, early childhood psychology, body awareness, mindfulness, and self-compassion practices.  She integrated timeless ancient techniques, along with what we have recently learned from neuroscience and developed a highly acclaimed yoga teacher training, that not only emphasizes asanas, but also manual tissue movement, to assist the body in getting into is relaxation response, to access deeper states of homeostasis and awaken one's immune system to detox one's cellular matrix of free radicals.


When Jessica is not teaching yoga, and working privately with client’s, she dedicates her time to educating the public on brain and body cell awakening practices.  She has shared her work and presented for Eastern Kentucky University’s counseling department, Jessamine County Public Schools Psychologists, and was a co-presenter at the Kentucky Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Conference in January of 2018.  She hopes to be able to educate and train a team to bring this work to the masses via the internet in the near future, through the initiative known as Rooted Collaborative.


Jessica’s dream also extends into creating a radically different lifestyle, that is conducive to awakening neuroplasticity, which is the science of hope.   She plan’s to achieve this with Radically Rooted’s new center, which will be able to offer educational resources, as well as newer scientifically proven modalities, that contribute to health and vigor.  She believes with the right amount of dedication, and the proper support, that students will be able achieve high levels of emotional regulation, greater clarity on perspective of self, and greatly reduce suffering.

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