E-RYT 500

Ginny has been interested in yoga for many years but has had a more serious practice since 2010. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in May 2014 and her 300-hour training in February 2017 both with Mara Healy’s Balanced Unity Yoga program. 

Ginny designs classes that work towards balance both internally and externally. She combines creative sequencing with turns on the mat to encompass the ranges of mobility for hips, shoulders, and spine while working towards full body balance.  Her classes include both dynamic and static poses (“moving” and “holding”), paired with vinyasas, and a deep focus on breath. This type of class creates a balance between stability and mobility on many layers and is designed to help break unnecessary patterns of holding in the body and the mind. Ginny strongly believes that the way we approach our asana practice correlates to the way we approach our life. Therefore, what better way to practice living in a balanced way than on the mat!

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