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Learning how to be attuned to your embodied experience supports resiliency with negative energy (stress). Embodiment is a state of being that aligns you with the wisdom of your higher self (spiritual body). We are multidimensional beings and the energetics of our bodies determine the state of our minds and resonances of our hearts. Working with the field of energy within and outside of you is vital in experiencing abundance and greater health.

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An anti-racism & trauma healing support group 


This is an anti-racism support group intended to hold space for you to transform the pain you are experiencing during this time of planetary shift and deep purification. Humanity is waking up to the evils of racism that have plagued our planet.Now is the time to heal ourselves and bring radical peace and justice to the world through embodiment work and healing the trauma of our ancestors. 


We are ready to heal and awaken into a new form of being human, one more aligned with our highest love spirit. Our future is beautifully embodied in absolute truth, rather than delusion, fear, and separation like now, but will require more conscious connection and healing with the parts of us that we have been forced to hide, ignore, and numb out. To heal means we must be willing to feel what is stored deep within the body. And doing this in community with others "online" will offer a powerful energetic container to hold your pain so that it may transmute, into a new form.  


Lower energies have manipulated and programmed humanity for thousands of years. Still, we are becoming more conscious of this and awakening our personal and collective power for exciting radical change. We need an Evolution. Our nervous system is where our evolutionary potential resides. Learning how to work with your body's living tissues, fascia, or extracellular matrix will give you more conscious power and control in healing your pain and the pain of your ancestors. It's time for us to offer empathy, forgiveness, and conscious care to all of the humans who came before us. Science shows that ancestral memories can be traced back to up to seven generations within one's cellular DNA. This is why our ancestors were so stuck in their ways of separation, judgment, hatred, and fear. 


Our DNA informs the neurological state of our mind and body. What's exciting is we can shift our neurological state when we move the tissues and awaken a new frequency within the 76 trillions of cells living within there. This allows for a new embodied experience, one of self-love. Your body is very sophisticated and has so much potential to heal and awaken into a much higher vibration of love, unity, and connection. Join us as we move from freeze to flow, hate to love, and traumatized to healed. 

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