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Embodiment for Improved Well-Being

Embodiment practice with Radically Rooted is a powerful and life-changing practice. Studio owner Jessica Lichaa created this practice to support students in cultivating emotional regulation, self-love, and ultimately to live with more autonomy. Being a human being can be complex at times, when our hearts may want to experience one thing, but our nervous systems may tell us to do another. The embodiment practice works with the tissues of the body that house the nervous system. In doing so, students leave class feeling regulated, connected, and at peace with life. 


Regulation is a term used to explain a balanced state of being in your body and mind. Your body and mind are indeed connected via the nervous system which runs through the body and connects into the spinal cord and brain. The autonomic nervous system is the branch of the nervous system that determines your state of body and mind. This system is continually shifting due to your external and internal environments. There are three responses: 

  • fight-flight

  • freeze

  • flow 

At times, we can get stuck in states of fight-flight and freeze. Embodiment class is designed to shift your body's energetic state into one of wholesomeness. 

Fight-Flight Energy

There may be anxiety, hypervigilance, tension, and pressure buildup in the system when we are in a fight-flight response. While in this state, it is difficult to make rational choices, connect lovingly with self or others, and to access your human intelligence. Have you noticed that you have a hard time seeing things that may be right in front of you when you are in stress response or accessing creative energy? Also, you may feel like others are out to sabotage you. Some people blame their brain for being faulted when they experience these things, but it truly comes down to the body being in a stressed-out state, and blood and fluid are inhibited from flowing into the brain, therefore creating challenge. When we are in this state of being, it is challenging to have autonomy. 


Freeze Energy 

When there is too much fight-flight energy, the body then may freeze. In this state, you may feel numb to feelings and sensations, depressed, and some may experience suicide ideation. In this response, you can't make eye contact with others. Your inner self-critic may be loud, and there may also be constant rumination of thoughts. In this response, your physiology is barely surviving. Energy is stagnant throughout the whole system. Unfortunately, most of us live moving from our fight-flight response to freezing. This is why there is so much suffering on our planet right now. 


Flow Energy 

Flow refers to a more coherent state of resonance when the heart is functioning optimally, and all of the body's systems are in a communicative state together. In this response, fluids are moving, and cells are connected and communicating to produce well-being. The body's tissues are supple, allowing these things to unfold. In this state, you see the goodness in yourself and others. You feel safe in your body and can embody the life you want. Emotions can quickly be felt and released, completely processing out. Old traumas can also be healed, leaving the consciousness of the body more open and trusting. This is your birthright. Our embodiment classes are dedicated to supporting more flow within the physiology of the body. 


Our embodiment classes are offered virtually and in-studio: 

  • Sundays at 4:30 PM EST

  • Mondays at 9:30 PM EST

  • Thursdays at 7:30 PM EST 


In these classes, we use yoga tune-up therapy balls. You can purchase them here. 




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