The first step is to becoming more embodied is to realize that you have a body that is a living being with feelings, wisdom, and divine intelligence. Once you realize this, you can bring more attention to how your body feels during your day—how your feet rest on the floor? Do your toes grip the floor, do they stay lifted, or do they land down with ease? 

The pattern of movement or holding of our body tells us a lot about how our nervous system is resonating, and what may be happening in our pranic body. When there is tension, there is fear and stagnation / density. When there are softness and space, there is trust, love, and a clearing for spiritual intelligence and technologies to awaken, and wisdom to be communicated. Once we realize when there are fear and tension, we have power in supporting shifts into the love that align with our hearts, higher selves, and embody the light body for a fuller expression of new earth energies. 


From body awareness, our human intelligence ascends to body attunement. To be attuned to something requires a more profound quality of focus and attention, with an open, receptive awareness. Our bodies are living organisms. They contain over 76 trillions of cells that are continually processing the energetics of the present moment through the vibration of feeling, through the heart. The dense form of energy or tension held in our bodies creates a blockage and a shut down response from our body's ability to communicate the stimuli or messages that the spirit has to give via the body. So this step of embodiment is a mastery level skill that one can train in to support their ascension process of heart living rather than from the more primal parts of the brain. The first step is to recognize the beautiful Holy Spirit or kundalini energy within you. You can simply just call on it, "hello kundalini, thank you for being in me", for example. You can repeat this over and over until you may feel a spark of connection awaken within you. 

It's hard for us to witness our bodies' divinity due to the energetic blockages within our system, blocking our brains and bodies from connecting in a unified way. The energy of our higher self lives in one's body and is mapped within the DNA. The Holy Spirit or kundalini, is the consciousness of our higher selves. Tension and inflammation in the body hold us back from accessing the information within our DNA, waiting to be regulated, processed, or known, for an increase in self-awareness and mind-body-heart coherency. 

Once we address the blocked pathways, we awaken a higher state of intelligence. We begin to understand ourselves more and blossom into the higher dimension of self and consciousness of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, we naturally unfold the frustrations we have with others who live too disconnected in their hearts-bodies-minds, and we can extend a new quality of energy to them that is healing to all. We also awaken our human intelligence to be attuned to others and to communicate to their systems energetically, from one heart to another heart. This is how we begin to embody unconditional love and deep collective healing and ancestral healing. 


Fascial care of the body is the most radical and highest form of self-care. It is here where your cells communicate and live. When our bodies' tissues don't move and aren't consciously felt or considered, cells resonate at low frequencies of disconnect and disassociation. This low vibration is what feeds the density in our bodies, and of the planet, robbing us of our autonomy and spiritual sovereignty.

The magical thing about the fascia is you can easily hack into it from any place within the system. However, focusing first on the body's endpoints, such as the feet, hands, face, head, and pelvic floor area, can create much more space within the interior of the body. Working with the fascia is a new frontier for humans, most exercise programs, including traditional yoga, don't create change in the fascia at the level needed for ascension.  It wasn't until in recent years that doctors considered it a vital part of the human body, and still, they cut the body open to perform surgeries and don't support patients post-op in healing the wound within the fascia. All elements of health, physical, mental, and spiritual rely on healthy-open tissues. Our diet and lifestyle directly influence this incredible living system. When we awaken the feeling of aliveness within our body, we open the possibility for the consciousness of our life to change, and for neurological and energetic healing to begin. 

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