Radically Rooted’s Embodiment classes are structured to create a fluid flow within the fascial system. Unique from traditional yoga classes that are focused on moving bones and activating muscles, in our Embodiment classes you can expect muscular awakening and strengthening to take place with use of hand weights in order to build heat within the body’s interior. Functional awakening of the body’s end points including the head, hands, and feet will create an aliveness and release for the body to awaken as a whole. Embodiment classes support neurological connections in one’s brain and body cells to condition one’s body in homeostasis using techniques like:

  • Incorporating yoga tune up therapy balls

  • fascial awakening movement of hands, feet, face

  • light strengthening

  • meditation and restorative poses

  • pranayama (breathing in different parts of the body)

  • warming yoga postures

  • body scanning and emotional regulation

These classes will greatly support daily mindfulness practice, in that Embodiment awakens the receptors in your tissues responsible for emotional regulation, leading one to a state of homeostasis or balance while engaging more energetic and fluid flow in the frontal lobe of the brain; where human intelligence resides, this is the gateway to pursuing full potential.

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