So much information is covered in these 200 hours through class discussion, lecture, reading, and more.  We encourage students to remember that this is only the beginning of their journey into deepening their knowledge and understanding.


  • The 8 Limb Path of yoga and ways to apply it to your modern lifestyle

  • Yoga history and philosophy and its importance in our world today

  • Aspects of modern neuroscience and psychology and how they relate to yoga philosophy and practice 

  • Embodied Mindfulness and Fascial Based Self-Care practices to support greater brain and body cell connection 

  • Self-compassion training 

  • Partner Self-Care practices 

  • Yoga postures, vinyasas, alignment, and adjustments

  • Anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics specific to yoga with an emphasis on the importance of Fascia for health, well-being, and movement

  • How to style classes and teach with confidence and authenticity

  • How to teach multiple levels of students from beginner to advanced

  • How to read bodies both physically and energetically

  • The basics of Sanskrit pronunciation and how to use it in a class

  • The basics of Ayurveda and how to apply it to your lifestyle

  • How to practice and teach Pranayama

  • How to use Mantra and why



Along with the many hours of classroom discussion and application, the RRYTT program has so much more to offer. 

  • A thorough training manual

  • A small-group setting in which lively conversations can take place, friendships can develop, and careful attention can be paid to each student

  • Community healing support

  • Free unlimited attendance to all Radically Rooted public yoga classes during training

  • Discounts to any special events or workshops taking place during training

  • Opportunities to teach in the Community Class at the studio post-graduation

  • Direct and open communication with the teaching staff before, during, and after the program to help answer your questions, relieve your concerns, and offer genuine support and advice in any way we can

  • Post-training mentoring and community placement support as a teacher

  • Post-training monthly meetup opportunities with former teacher trainee graduates 

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