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The ultimate intention of yoga is to become one with your truest nature. In a world that is full of stress and trauma, it is difficult for us to tap into our soul's deepest essence. This program will introduce you to yogic technologies and tools that support an awakening of your true nature, so that you may live a path aligned with your destiny, rather than your fate. Different styles of yoga postures are brought into the program including vinyasa, form based, restorative, embodiment, and kundalini. 



The power of your body to regenerate itself resides in the fascial matrix that connects your brain and body. It is within this matrix where your human experience and potential reside. We are passionate about the fascia and this program will enable you to live more consciously in your body, become more skillful in regulating emotions, and learn how to tap into your body's wisdom to live more from soul consciousness. 





This teacher training will teach you how to lead the body through and into states of deep relaxation.  You will learn how to get the body into a state of homeostasis, which is when your body is able to heal and restore to its fullest potential.  This teacher training goes in-depth about how to recondition one’s body from the holding state of fear, anxiety, and depression to a state of aliveness and vitality, along with softening and relaxation. You will also learn how to sequence a class around these principles. 





The 8-limb path of yoga is our foundation for learning about the yogic way of life. We bring in elements of yoga and buddhist philosophy, as well as link them to present day neurobiology. 

Combining western science with the ancient practices of yoga, allows teachers to develop a genuine understanding to support a fuller embodiment of yoga. Additionally, our wish is for you to bring this knowledge to your yoga classes to support a deeper understanding in the collective consciousness of the human experience. 







Radically Rooted’s yoga teacher training program was one of the best gifts I could have ever offered myself. Jessica’s vision for learning is deeply experiential and Ginny’s academic instruction is such a lovely complement to that, like yin and yang. I already held a 200-hour certification at the beginning of this program but desired to deepen my understanding. I feel that this training has left me with so many tools I missed out on the first time around.  I am now confidently teaching all four compass directions on the mat, skillfully implementing fascial care into my classes, and more rooted in my own personal practice. Jessica and Ginny hold such an open container for students’ growth and I’m so grateful to have been able to use this time to transform myself. My deepest gratitude goes to these women and this program. - Cara Thomas

Heading 1

Heading 1

This yoga teacher training is life changing.  The teachers are excellent. I’ve always loved yoga, but I had no idea the depth of study it entailed.  I will be forever grateful to the instructors for helping me to open up and find a more peaceful heart. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning because I am a Christian, but just remember, knowledge isn’t belief.  Everyone deserves to learn something new. It’s good for the brain and the body. -Linda Pfost

This program was truly life changing! While my knowledge and understanding of yoga was greatly enhanced, I grew equally on a personal level as well. The instructors are extremely versed in the philosophy and mechanics of yoga, and present the material in a way that appeals to all students, whether you have no background or years of personal practice, there is insight that you can gain from their teachings. But the most profound thing I am left with are the unshakable bonds that were developed among the fellow trainees, and instructors alike-- a true soul family! - Sydney Wilk 

This program was more than just a yoga teacher training journey, it was a life changing experience. I learned more about myself than I had discovered in this 30 years of life. The teachers met each one of us where we are and created a safe, judgment free learning environment where we could all be our truest, authentic selves. It was an experience of support, acceptance, and growth that I have never experienced before and will truly miss.  

Katelyn Brown

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