What excites me most about this life is to be a part of the great awakening taking place right now. On a soul level, we are all here to support this process. My soul is passionate about uplifting others out of their "pain body" to see their higher purpose and power in clearing old energies, stories, and beliefs that are a part of the 3D matrix. There is a saying, "for God to help you, you must first help yourself." This saying resonates with divine truth in my heart.  

My goal as an embodiment coach is to help you connect with the divine wisdom and higher truth within yourself. To see and feel that you are not your pain or past circumstances awakens your spiritual powers so you can have more autonomy and live from your light-filled truth, all on your own. Learning to connect with your higher self can be your life's greatest gift and the world's. 

As an ascension guide, my goal is to connect you with the resources here for you in the energetic field that will support healing/clearing, integration, and recoding of your DNA. The energy field of the planet has been clearing significantly since December 2019. Teaching others how to shift their energetics is a great passion of mine. There is more healing potential for all of us than ever before. Embodiment is more available to us than ever before, and what one of my teachers, Sandra Walters says, "there is a physicalization of the etheric taking place." This means we are becoming more sentient than ever before. Our sentience moves us into a more coherent state of being with ourselves, the planet, and all beings. This is one massive difference between 3D and 5D realms of consciousness, from unconscious disconnection to conscious love and unity. 

I am scheduled to complete a coaching program with the Human Potential Institute in April 2021. 

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