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A new form of body work that regulates the nervous system and improves chakra health. 

Hand Massage


Our private fascia care sessions are intended to activate your own body's healing response. In doing so, fluids can flow throughout the body, communicating intelligently via the neural networks the felt sense of safety and trust. The higher self is then activated through higher brain circuit awakening, than those of fight-flight-freeze circuits. This is a very different approach to traditional massage therapy. 

These sessions can take place in studio or via zoom. Our remote sessions will be guiding you through this approach to body-mind-spirit healing with a loved one, whether it be for your child, partner, sibling, parent or dear friend in need of nervous system support and care. 


This work has supported clients find freedom from :

  • trauma response / hyper-vigilance  

  • chronic pain

  • inflammation and autoimmune responses

  • migraines

  • emotions 

  • anxiety and depression 

  • feeling powerless over one's health and well-being 


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Sixty Minutes - In Studio, Hands on

 Clients have the option to undress and lay under a sheet or to remain fully clothed. It is helpful to wear shorts if you prefer this option and for women to remove their bras, to support deeper relaxation.

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