RYT 200

Angela began practicing yoga in her mid-thirties, and discovered that yoga offered as much strength and flexibility to her mind as it did to her body. Realizing there was a wealth of knowledge in yoga that could offer personal growth and healing, she completed the Solid Roots 200 hour teacher training program in October 2017.  During that journey, she discovered a passion for holding space for others to experience the power of yoga. She believes we all need to find more connection with ourselves, and that yoga offers each one of us the ability to bring healing to our mind, body, and heart.

Similar to her beliefs about yoga, Angela believes the earth holds incredible resources to support the body and self-healing. In February 2017, she became an AIA & NAHA Certified Aromatherapist by the Aromahead Institute. She loves using essential oils and natural products as alternatives to toxic substances that hinder the body from reaching its full potential. She is working to integrate aromatherapy into yoga practices, as an additional resource to support the mind and body. Her yoga classes focus on the breath, using it as the communicator between the body and the mind.

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