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A Unique and Empowering Training,
April-August 2022

Embodiment is so many things that our society isn't. It is deeply genuine, open and allows for sensitive attuned connection with self and others. It is the expression of one's heart intelligence and wisdom body. It is coherent, and contains grounded healing energy. It is receptive, loving, and caring. Embodiment is what is going to elevate this planet to its beautiful and exquisite potential. This program will empower you to be more embodied and to learn ways to work with the human energy system to support an embodiment in others. Read more below!

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Your Opportunity to Learn:

  • How to work with the energy body in ways to promote healing and heart-mind connection

  • How to use healing touch to support a release of fight-flight-freeze from yours and the bodies of others 

  • How to work with the fascial system and awaken its self-regulatory intelligence through activating the homeostatic pathways of the body, supporting regulation and healing in brain and body 

  • How to track body sensations for increased self-awareness  and to become more sensitive to the energetics of others in your daily living

  • How to work with your own empathic system and to create healthy boundaries when in relationship with others 

  • Supportive and skillful ways to work with trauma that may arise or be releasing from the energy system 

  • About kundalini energy and ways to support it in grounding and becoming more stable 

  • Ways to meditate and work with your own suffering to bring about healing and freedom

Your Embodied Guide:
Jessica Lichaa

Jessica has been studying the fascial matrix and neurobiology for over 8 years. She has been training in mindful awareness for over 12 years. Over the last 3 years, she has dived deep into energetic healing and is participating in an energy healing facilitator course with  one of the most embodied humans on the planet, Myree Morsi. Jessica carries beautiful codes of embodiment and believes that the soul can heal and awaken when a person becomes more connected and attuned to their body. She believes we all have an inner healer and feels called to support others in connecting with this part of themselves.  There's so much divinity within us, but our primal conditioning and culture don't support this beauty in coming online. 

Jessica has decided to offer this cutting edge program in the studio she founded in 2012 (Solid Roots Yoga). She is relocating to the Bay Area of California in May and wishes to plant deeper seeds of embodiment in her beloved students and the community of Lexington. Additionally, Jessica feels moved to offer a training in how to work with the human energy body through hands on touch and gentle manual movement. She has been working with clients in this capacity since 2015 and hopes to support a foundation of resources for her clients to continue to be supported energetically after she leaves by others who may be interested in working with individuals. 

Jessica's clients are often amazed by the way they feel during and after the session. This work is unique in that it opens the energy body for a clearing and release of tension, stored fear, energy, emotions and stress hormones. It is all about  awakening the ventral vagal system of the body, which is a part of the autonomic system of the nervous system, that promotes cellular and mind-body healing and regeneration of living tissues and cellular matrix. 


To do this kind of work, Jessica feels its imperative that the practitioner is embodied, aware of energy, and skilled in clearing, releasing, and protecting one's own system. Therefore, this program is grounded in your own personal healing, development, and awakening.   

During the program you will learn how to receive healing touch and how to let go of fear. This will support your nervous system and divine intelligence in coming online, offering healing energy into your DNA and training your energetics how to be more malleable and resonant in a higher frequency. This is a superpower and your birthright!

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The Schedule 

  • April 5, 7:15-9:30 PM

  • April 8, 5:30-8:30 PM

  • April 9 & 10, 11-8 PM

  • April 19, 7:15-9:30 PM

  • April 26, 7:15 - 9:30 PM

  • April 29, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

  • April 30 & May 1, 11-8 PM

  • May 3 , 7:15 - 9:30 PM

  • May 7 , 12 -4 PM

  • May 31, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • June 4, 1-5 PM 

  • June 14, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • June 18, 1-5 PM 

  • June 28, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • July 9, 1-5 PM 

  • July 12, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • July 23, 1-5 PM 

  • July 26, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • August 6, 1-5 PM 

  • August 9, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

  • August 20, 1-5 PM 

  • August 23, 6-9 PM (embodied zoom coaching) 

Pricing &

Required Reading 

We understand that finances are unique for everyone, therefore we have created a three tiered pricing option to choose from, based off of what you can afford.


Tier 1: $1575 

Tier 2 : $1275

Tier 3 : $975 


What's Included, 100 Hours of Training, Practice, and Healing 

  • 20 hours of Embodiment Coaching & Energetic Healing Support through Zoom

  • 56 hours of In Person Training with Facilitator 

  • 24 hours of In Person Training with Facilitator joining virtually 


Books Required for Program:

  • "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan 

  • "Cranial Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Biodynamic Craniosacraal Therapy" by Steve Haines 

  • "Body Intelligence Meditation"  by Ged Sumner 

  • "Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma" by Peter Levine

  • "Full Body Presence" by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana 


Body-Mind- Spirit Curriculum 


  • Polyvagal Theory 

  • Fascia Anatomy and Energy Pathways 

  • Manual Movement Methdology for Fascia and Nervous System Regulation

  • Biotensegrity and Fascial Intelligence of Self-Regulation 

Energy Practices 

  • Nervous System and Body Intelligence Attunement 

  • Energy Body Awareness 

  • New Ways of Looking at Experience 

  • Grounding and Discharging Energy into Earth for Healing 

  • Utilizing Cosmic Healing Resources 

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Body Awareness 

  • Tracking Bodily Sensations 

  • Body Awareness role in Self-Regulation

  • Working Skillfully with Difficult Feelings/ Emotions 

  • Meditation to Awaken Cellular Intelligence 

  • Mapping Well-being in Biology 

  • Working with Empathic System in a Conscious Way to Support Well-Being and Disconnecting from Negative Energies that aren't yours 

Cultivating Well-Being in Self 

  • Relational Practices to Support Well-Being and Increase Heart Coherency 

  • Metta Practice 

  • Connecting to Inner Healer 

  • Cultivating Soul Power 

  • Creating a New Way Forward as a Powerful Sovereign Being 

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