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Yoga Class



Hot Yoga, Fascia Release and Flow,  Strength Training (Radically Fit)

Meditation to Come!

Download the Radically Rooted App to Sign Up for Classes! In studio reservations must be made before coming as we have limited capacity. 



Have you been wanting to try out yoga, but aren't where to start? Join   Monday nights at 5:45 for a class just for you! 

No props necessary, we will have everything you need. If you have a yoga mat, bring it along! You can sign up below!

$20 for in-studio practice

$12 for virtual 

$25 for two weeks UNLIMITED  


This class is one a kind! Experience a new way of being with yourself that allows for stuck feelings, emotions, and stressful energy to move and flow out of the mind-body network. This class utilizes self-massage techniques to open the fascial system for built up tension to melt away. This class has helped many find autonomy from stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma stored in the body. 

Therapy balls or tennis balls required. 


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Your human experience lies within your fascia.  By working with the fascial system, you can experience a deeper sense of belonging and embody your highest human and spiritual potential. Old wounds, traumas, emotional pain, and inflammation live within this liquid crystalline matrix. For many, the only way out living in pain and burdened is through embodiment via fascial awakening and fascial / energy clearing practices. This is a functional way to ascension. To ascend means to elevate into a higher form of being. The holding patterns in your fascia are holding your body and brain back from healing and embodying their higher intelligence of health, vitality, and potential. 

For those going through spiritual ascension or kundalini activation, creating more suppleness in the fascia manually will support a more functional process, and will allow you to receive more spiritual gifts. 

Like all parts of your body, your fascia is a living intelligent, and sentient being. It is interwoven between all cells and supports cellular communication and connection. When we are disassociated consciously from what our bodies sense and feel, our human intelligence is offline. This is when old energies of fear and separation rule us and our thoughts and behaviors. For many, the fight-flight-freeze mechanisms keep us stuck in our unconscious, disconnected, and heavy way of being. Radically Rooted's embodiment classes are intended to awaken neurological connection through clearing tension and awakening body sensation. Your fascia has the power and potential to purge fear based energies, so your light and God-given gifts can be embodied. 

Radically Rooted's owner, Jessica Lichaa is a pioneer in this new frontier fascia care. Her yoga classes are unique in that they focus on depressurizing the fascia system, awakening sensory receptors, and bringing the body is a higher state of aliveness through awakening the more highly evolved branch of the nervous system, the ventral vagal system. 


online or in-studio for relief,  release, and rejuvenation!

$30 for 30 days of

Unlimited Classes! 

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