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Welcome to Radically Rooted, an online and in-person embodied yoga studio. Our mission is to educate others on their fascial matrix and teach ways to awaken their amazing nervous system into a state of aliveness and connectivity. With a more balanced nervous system and greater neurological connectivity, life becomes more vibrant, and emotions are more easily regulated.  These higher states of consciousness allow the body to be a more open conduit for energy to flow, releasing tension and alleviating suffering.

Did you know that your fascia is interwoven between and into every cell of the body. The state of your cells determines your human experience (DNA), and gives form to the fascia. We approach radically shifting our human experience by changing the fascia and awakening balance and flow within the system for a new energy to be embodied on this planet.



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Your human experience lies within your fascia.  By working with the fascial system, you can experience a deeper sense of belonging and embody your highest human and spiritual potential. Old wounds, traumas, emotional pain, and inflammation live within this liquid crystalline matrix. For many, the only way out living in pain and burdened is through embodiment via fascial awakening and fascial / energy clearing practices. This is a functional way to ascension. To ascend means to elevate into a higher form of being. The holding patterns in your fascia are holding your body and brain back from healing and embodying their higher intelligence of health, vitality, and potential. 

For those going through spiritual ascension or kundalini activation, creating more suppleness in the fascia manually will support a more functional process, and will allow you to receive more spiritual gifts. 

Like all parts of your body, your fascia is a living intelligent, and sentient being. It is interwoven between all cells and supports cellular communication and connection. When we are disassociated consciously from what our bodies sense and feel, our human intelligence is offline. This is when old energies of fear and separation rule us and our thoughts and behaviors. For many, the fight-flight-freeze mechanisms keep us stuck in our unconscious, disconnected, and heavy way of being. Radically Rooted's embodiment classes are intended to awaken neurological connection through clearing tension and awakening body sensation. Your fascia has the power and potential to purge fear based energies, so your light and God-given gifts can be embodied. 

Radically Rooted's owner, Jessica Lichaa is a pioneer in this new frontier fascia care. Her yoga classes are unique in that they focus on depressurizing the fascia system, awakening sensory receptors, and bringing the body is a higher state of aliveness through awakening the more highly evolved branch of the nervous system, the ventral vagal system. 


JOIN US - online or in-studio for 30 DAYS

to experience a new way of being in mind, body, energy

$30 for first month

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Yoga, Embodiment (fascia care), Meditation, Strength Training (Radically Fit). Kundalini (beginning in January)

Download the Radically Rooted App to Sign Up for Classes! In studio reservations must be made before coming as we have limited capacity. 


Do you see a new path forward for humanity in a specific field of current culture? Are you on an embodied path with radical experiences you'd like to share? Connect and let's share a talk about the beautiful possibilities for our future ahead. 



Experience a new way of being with yourself and on your yoga mat. Join Jessica for a Kundalini yoga practice to awaken a powerful source of energy within you dedicated to moving and clearing old energy out of your energy body.  This practice utilizes yogic technologies, such as mantra, meditation, pranayama, and kriyas. 

FRIDAYS 6-7:15 PM  




We utilize Yoga Tuneup therapy balls, blocks, a strap and a blanket in our embodied yoga classes. For under $100 you can invest in these fascial care tools.


Embodiment Coach, Ascension Guide, Fascia Care Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Mentor - 


Receive support on implementing daily practices to clear old energy blocking you from expressing your divine potential, while bringing in new frequencies of personal power and prosperity.

December Special-  

Five Coaching (75 minute) Coaching Sessions for $375

(sessions will take place via Zoom)


Join us Virtually or at our

Home Studio

Equip yourself with tools and resources for the planetary shifts coming, while also learning how to support an awakening of your DNA via a revolutionized approach to yoga. This training is for your own growth and development, but will also provide you with experience and education to offer energetic support to others. 


Radically Rooted is located in Lexington, KY, and streams all of their classes online since May 2020. Times are unprecedented, and Radically Rooted feels deeply called to serve the greater good in humanity by offering embodiment classes and programs that offer students the opportunity to clear old dense energy out of their body's consciousness, so grace and light may flow in.


Radically Rooted's embodiment classes carry energies of the New Earth. The New Earth is already here and is resonant of a fifth dimension consciousness. Humanity is waking up and evolving out of the 3rd dimension, humans are living from the resonance of fear, fueling disease of mind and body. When we move our body's living tissues, and awaken a higher awareness of feeling, we change the resonance of our cells, which ultimately creates change on the level of the DNA. Change and healing are available now more than ever due to the positive, energetic shifts taking place on Mother Earth. Working this way with the body greatly supports a clearing of anxiety and depression, along with pain and inflammation. 


Radically Rooted is dedicated to educating humans on what it means to be an energetic being, along with ways to awaken their bodies and minds into higher frequencies of love, connection, and vitality. In doing so, one's soul awakens and can guide them into seeing a much higher version of themselves aligned with their heart's deepest wishes and desires, placing one on their destiny path. We are ascending as a planet, and embodiment is coming into resonance with your God-given gifts and intelligence. We are honored to be here with you.

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J.B , Lexington, KY

I came to embodiment at Radically Rooted last September and it soon became clear to me that I was carrying a lot of emotion in my tissues-just like Jessica says. I would find myself experiencing waves of emotion, almost to the point of tears, when doing the bodywork and at times it was very intense. Embodiment helps me release these emotions so that they can be brought to the surface and processed which means that I don’t have to carry them around anymore. Embodiment is essential to my physical and mental health.


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